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Polite iT Web Hosting

If you are going to make a website with us, you don't need to buy web hosting separately. Our website packages come with domain and hosting along with all packages. You need to buy seperate web hosting only if you are going to develop your website by yourself or with another developer.

What is web hosting?

Websites on internet need a space to store their text, images, processing files and data. Web hosting is a hard disk which is connected internet where websites can store, read and process their data.

Are web hosting and web server the same?

Basically, they are same. Since web hosting store data and serve everytime they are requested, it is sometimes call as web server or internet server.

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We engage ourselves in providing various services.


Listening to the customer's requirements! We believe that when we listen and listen again to our clients, can understand their requirements. When the requirements are crystal clear to us, we can definitely provide quality service to our clients. So we listen, listen and keep listening to our clients requirements.

Value for Money

We give value for the money paid for our services. We don't want to play with the hard earned money of our clients. We take every step to provide a quality service for the money paid to us. We bring the feel in our clients that the price paid by them for our service is very less.