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1. What is Search Engine?

A search engines is a computer function that searches data available on the Internet using keywords or other specified terms, or a program containing this function.

2. What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the processes of putting your website on top positions on search engines like Google. People these days use search engines to find whatever they want. They don't use to remember internet addresses except for some popular websites they visit daily. That is the main reason why your website needs SEO.

3. What is Domain?

An address on the Internet that indicates the location of a computer or network. These are administrated to avoid duplication.

4. What is Flash?

Web technology or software developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated. It is able to create web content that combines sound, video and animation.

5. What is JavaScript?

A type of programming language. It can add dynamic features to web pages and is used by many web services.

6. What is web hosting?

Websites on internet need a space to store their text, images, processing files and data. Web hosting is a hard disk which is connected internet where websites can store, read and process their data.

7. Are web hosting and web server same?

Basically, they are same. Since web hosting store data and serve everytime they are requested, it is sometimes call as web server or internet server.

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